What This Christmas Means to Me: Hope, Grace, Loss

“The Lord is close to the broken hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” Psalm 34:18

Christmas looks a whole lot different for me this year.

It’s not that I never pondered it or participated in advent or saw my perspective change on gifts as I grew up, but this year, a different area of my heart has been opened that I never could have comprehended before. This idea of hope has depth and weight and heaviness.

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Fall Favorites

Fall is *almost* officially here, but with the cooler weather we’ve been having these past few weeks, it feels like it’s arrived early! I will always prefer the warm to the cold, but after the long southern summers, cool fall mornings just make me giddy! Not to mention  the return of fall decor, college football, warm blankets, and bonfires.. fall is just the best!

Because of this, I wanted to mention of few of my favorites that I’m enjoying this fall season!  Continue reading

Cooking with Fruit Pt.1: Acai Bowl

I don’t know about you but I loooveeee fruit. How can you not? So sweet and delicious?! I protest those who say it’s not good for you because of all the fructose, BUT if you think about it I could be reaching for a bag of potato chips instead! So eating half a pineapple in one sitting still sounds okay by me..

Because I love fruit so much, I love to look for ways to incorporate it into a meal– normally as a side or a topping on a salad, but I’m going to be blogging a few of my favorite ways to use fruit in meals. Especially in summer when it comes into season, it becomes super inexpensive too!

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a voice of reason

I finally admitted it yesterday to God and to my husband that I’ve felt distant from God.  I’ve felt uncomfortable coming into his presence– trying to fill the silence with noise. Avoiding quiet time, meditation, prayer. It felt like an awkward dinner party, when I have a million things to say but never appropriate to say them. Which is silly– I know– because God has told us in Hebrews 4 that we can come boldly before the throne of grace that we may receive mercy in our time of need.  Yes, this is a time of need, but I am uncomfortable so I digress.

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Eating through Nashville: Year One

We have now officially called Nashville home for a year! In commemoration of this milestone, I decided to post a few blogs about a few fun things.
Even before we moved here, we were well aware of the billions of food options around Nashville. I love food. I especially love brunch food. So when we first moved here, we set an initiative to try lots of new places and keep a running record of them all to see what all we came up with. George and I are both homebodies that stick with what we know so this initiative really helped get us out and away from Chick-Fil-A and Jets Pizza every now and again.
Most weeknights we eat at home, but we usually go to brunch or dinner on the weekends which I love doing.  It’s fun to research our next eatery and what I want to order– and what I think George will order lol. Most of where we go is close around Hillsboro Village and not crazy fancy. Nearly everywhere we go for brunch I order eggs benedict because I love it and I’m determined to try it every restaurant’s take on it. We also rated all the eateries as yum (good), meh (just okay), and bleh (bad).
Without further ado, last year’s Nashville eats (and commentary)! Check em out and give em a taste next time you’re in the 615! Continue reading

2016 in the Books.. Literally

If someone posts a book recommendation on social media or even just mentions a book they read recently, I immediately look it up or screenshot it for later. I get soo many book selections off of recommendations from others and I would journey to guess that’s how many authors collect sales.
That being said, I was thinking the other day after seeing someone I know post about reading 50 books in 2016 *insert jaw-drop* and thought “dang I barely read anything!” Then as I thought more I decided to look back through my kindle, bookshelf, and audiobook app to make a list of how many books I actually consumed in 2016.  I have read many blogger’s posts with books and recommendations so I decided to write a little blurb about some and also added a list of books I started… and aim to re-open each and finish them very soon! (So they are a cross-breed between a 2016 and 2017 list.) Continue reading