My Christmas List

my Christmas list

Being that I like to have all my Christmas shopping pretty much done by Thanksgiving, I should have done this post weeks ago!! But anywhom, I don’t know about you, but in my family we do a Christmas exchange where we draw names and only buy for that one person. It’s great because we watch each other open the gifts one at a time and it’s fun to try and figure out what your person wants by dropping hints or doing detective work.  I already have my gift for my family member I drew and I am SO EXCITED about it. I can’t wait to see their face when they open it!

As an adult, gifting can be tricky. It’s kind of awkward to hand someone a list and say “here, this is what I want”, but at the same time if you don’t and they’re going to buy you something anyways, most people would rather have some ideas. That being said, I’ve started creating a list every year. I use the website Giftster so I can link exact products and send it to whomever. Call me type-A, but I’m a big list person.

Here are some of the items on my list this year: Continue reading

Holiday Season Thoughts

I have always loved Christmas (who doesn’t?), but this year has already been that much sweeter. As I hung our ornament on the tree in remembrance of Zion I was taken back to where we were last year. We were still mourning our loss, but surprised/hopeful/anxious when we found out about another baby on the way. Each day brought fears of if the baby was doing okay. What would they find at my next appointment?

The season of advent was given new meaning as we yearned for the hope of a Savior to redeem our brokenness. We live in a fallen world where sometimes the pain of childbearing is seen in loss and heartbreak rather than labor.


Now as I sit by my tree rocking my sick, clingy baby I can see my only remaining fall decoration reading “give thanks”. The same chair I rocked in just months ago with a baby screaming with colic as I sobbed. This isn’t what I asked for; this is nothing like I imagined. I cried out, asking God to heal her– to make it stop. The doctor said about three or four months and I thought I would never make it there– yet here we are.

Even though these last months have looked little like I thought they would, I still want to take a posture of gratefulness and hope that God is growing and renewing and sanctifying. That after a season of yearning for deliverance, he follows it up with joy. Joy of time spent with my little family, of seeing Annie look at Christmas lights, of a warm home to decorate with beautiful things.

I hold onto hope that there is a plan for all of this. That God will do great things through me whether it be in the humility of my home or a great platform of popularity.

“The Lord will indeed give what is good, and our land will yield its harvest.” Psalm‬ ‭85:12‬

We know that you are good and you give good gifts– your son Jesus is living proof of that.

My Affordable Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

As you may have seen on your instagram feed over the last week, Nordstrom is having their huge preview sale for fall called the Anniversary Sale. For those of us that don’t have credit cards, we just wait patiently for the sale to open to the public.  Unfortunately for those of us on a budget, they carry some very expensive brands so even on sale, it just ain’t happening y’all. BUT I love Nordstrom– they have some awesome clothing, shoes, and accessories from some of my favorite brands. So I’ve compiled a list of my Anniversary Sale picks that won’t blow the budget! Continue reading

2017 Book Review

It’s that time of the year again! Time to look back and review the books I read last year so you all can enjoy some too! My goal for 2017 was to read a book a month– 12 books in total.  I was able to come in at 18!

Yes, this number was higher than normal because..

1. when I was working my previous job I was driving a ton so I listened to a lot of audiobooks– I still consider this reading because you’re turned off to other interruptions and still absorbing the content! and..

2. I had down time off work this summer, beach vacations, and a lot of time in doctor’s offices this fall– hence more reading.

Overall, super happy with how much I read and learned in 2017 so my goal is to match that this year.

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2017 Was the Hardest Year of My Life

2017 started out to a rocky start and let’s just say I’ve been pulling myself over the rocks ever since.

The job I got out of college.. let’s just say I saw red flags my first week there that said “this is not what I thought I was getting myself into”.  Fast forward eight months and I was miserable, stressed out of my mind, crying myself to sleep– a shell of myself. All over this job. I debated for months what to do, and finally after hitting rock bottom in June and with my husband’s support, I quit my job.  I was interviewing for another job at the time so I was optimistic that would work out, but I didn’t get the next job. So for two months, I was unemployed. Continue reading

What This Christmas Means to Me: Hope, Grace, Loss

“The Lord is close to the broken hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” Psalm 34:18

Christmas looks a whole lot different for me this year.

It’s not that I never pondered it or participated in advent or saw my perspective change on gifts as I grew up, but this year, a different area of my heart has been opened that I never could have comprehended before. This idea of hope has depth and weight and heaviness.

Everything happened so quickly.

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