Cooking with Fruit Pt.1: Acai Bowl

I don’t know about you but I loooveeee fruit. How can you not? So sweet and delicious?! I protest those who say it’s not good for you because of all the fructose, BUT if you think about it I could be reaching for a bag of potato chips instead! So eating half a pineapple in one sitting still sounds okay by me..

Because I love fruit so much, I love to look for ways to incorporate it into a meal– normally as a side or a topping on a salad, but I’m going to be blogging a few of my favorite ways to use fruit in meals. Especially in summer when it comes into season, it becomes super inexpensive too!

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Eating through Nashville: Year One

We have now officially called Nashville home for a year! In commemoration of this milestone, I decided to post a few blogs about a few fun things.
Even before we moved here, we were well aware of the billions of food options around Nashville. I love food. I especially love brunch food. So when we first moved here, we set an initiative to try lots of new places and keep a running record of them all to see what all we came up with. George and I are both homebodies that stick with what we know so this initiative really helped get us out and away from Chick-Fil-A and Jets Pizza every now and again.
Most weeknights we eat at home, but we usually go to brunch or dinner on the weekends which I love doing.  It’s fun to research our next eatery and what I want to order– and what I think George will order lol. Most of where we go is close around Hillsboro Village and not crazy fancy. Nearly everywhere we go for brunch I order eggs benedict because I love it and I’m determined to try it every restaurant’s take on it. We also rated all the eateries as yum (good), meh (just okay), and bleh (bad).
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