Fall Favorites

Fall is *almost* officially here, but with the cooler weather we’ve been having these past few weeks, it feels like it’s arrived early! I will always prefer the warm to the cold, but after the long southern summers, cool fall mornings just make me giddy! Not to mention  the return of fall decor, college football, warm blankets, and bonfires.. fall is just the best!

Because of this, I wanted to mention of few of my favorites that I’m enjoying this fall season! 

Numero uno is this candle from Anthropologie.  Their candles are AMAZING and always some of my favorites.  When George and I were shopping around downtown Charleston last week we picked out this one to be our “fall candle”. It has that sweet spice smell without being too overpowering.  You have got to getcha one!

Anthropologie Candle

As of the last couple weeks, I have been buried in this book whenever I get the chance. I normally read via audiobooks so I can do other stuff like cook and drive while listening, but for some reason I prefer a physical copy when reading fiction. Needless to say, many people recommended this one to me and it is so good! It flashes back and forth between two sisters and their lives during Nazi occupied France with unexpected, heart wrenching turns constantly! May have been in tears on the treadmill at the gym yesterday.. pick this one up people.


I have been on the hunt for the perfect lighter colored booties to wear this fall.  I have such big feet (TENS JUST FYI) that sometimes brown or black boots just make my feet look even clunkier. I have been searching and searching and found these ones that I really like from Free People. They run true to size, are genuine leather, and have these cute metal studs for a little more flair than others I had been looking at. So far I’ve worn them with denim, white, and camo skinnies and they looked great with all! Shop them here!


Last but not least, I may have found the perfect rosy blush for fall.  In summer I usually wear something a little brighter, but when my face gets more pale I prefer something more soft and subtle. This blush from Milani is so so pretty, it stays on well, and you can’t beat the price!


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