Eating through Nashville: Year One

We have now officially called Nashville home for a year! In commemoration of this milestone, I decided to post a few blogs about a few fun things.
Even before we moved here, we were well aware of the billions of food options around Nashville. I love food. I especially love brunch food. So when we first moved here, we set an initiative to try lots of new places and keep a running record of them all to see what all we came up with. George and I are both homebodies that stick with what we know so this initiative really helped get us out and away from Chick-Fil-A and Jets Pizza every now and again.
Most weeknights we eat at home, but we usually go to brunch or dinner on the weekends which I love doing.  It’s fun to research our next eatery and what I want to order– and what I think George will order lol. Most of where we go is close around Hillsboro Village and not crazy fancy. Nearly everywhere we go for brunch I order eggs benedict because I love it and I’m determined to try it every restaurant’s take on it. We also rated all the eateries as yum (good), meh (just okay), and bleh (bad).
Without further ado, last year’s Nashville eats (and commentary)! Check em out and give em a taste next time you’re in the 615!
Have any suggestions of more places we should try? Let me know!

Best Brunch: Saint Anejo – BEST EGGS BENEDICT YET. Also, chips and salsa with brunch? And an open-air restaurant? Hands down. Best brunch yet. George got the chicken and waffles– also amazing!
Honorable mention: Fenwick’s 300 for their 

Best sports bar: Double Dogs – even though this is a chain in multiple states, had to put it on here because we eat here ALL THE TIME. Two blocks away is just too convenient to pass up. 
What to order: Breakfast Burger, Chicken Fingers in Bow Wow hot sauce, Moose Tracks milkshake
Rating: Yum!

Best appetizer: Americano – these. brussel. sprouts. roasted with chipotle and pork belly. to die for. Great happy hour and paella as well!
Rating: Yum!

Best BBQ: Martin’s – don’t get me wrong, I still have my favorites in Knoxville but this is my favorite I’ve found here
What to order: whole hog sandwich and hushpuppies
Rating: Yum!

Best doughnuts: Ellie’s Doughnuts – let me paint you a picture.. a food truck, serving warm cinnamon sugar doughnuts. My mouth is watering just thinking about them. So so good.
Rating: Yum!

Fun atmosphere: Clyde’s on Church – ping pong, fooseball, great drinks. Love this place. 
What to order: Jungle Juice, BBQ nachos


-Edley’s BBQ – What to order: BBQ Nachos
-Jeni’s Ice Cream – What to order: Strawberry Buttermilk
-Pinewood Social
-Burger Up – What to order: Woodstock or The Byrd with sweet potato fries
-Dog of Nashville: What to order: buffalo dog and onion rings
-ACME Feed and Seed
-Taco Mamacita
-Loveless Cafe

-Las Palmas
-Pizza Perfect
-Kay Bob’s
-Biscuit Love – What to order: bonuts!!
-The Row
-The Grilled Cheeserie Melt Shop
-Burger Republic
-Bongo Java – best coffee in Nashville
-Bobbie’s Dairy Dip
-Fenwick’s 300
-Hattie B’s

-Brown’s Diner
-Fox’s Donut Den
-J Alexander’s
-J Christopher’s
-55 South
-Taqueria del Sol
-Mafiosa’s Pizza
-Bakersfield Taco

-Five Daughter’s Bakery – (these doughnuts are wayyy to sweet y’all, like filled with butter and sugar as a filling. Not my fav.)
-San Antonio Taco Co
-Maniac’s Wings
-New Hickory food truck
Mission for this year: find the best burger and best pizza place. Venture to East Nashville. And just try more food! Dining this first year has been amazing, can’t wait to see what else we find. 
Thanks for reading!

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